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Hot off the presses: Mortgage rates hit near-record low

Dear Cribline readers: More good news as we approach the spring house hunting season… mortgage rates declined to a near-record low of 3.88% from 3.90% (the record low is 3.87%). If you’re thinking about refinancing, you may want to pull the trigger… and if you’re looking for a house, this is great timing. Here’s the […]

Ask Eric: The risks that come with being a landlord

The below was a response to an earlier submission to Ask Eric regarding selling or renting out a property (http://thecribline.com/2011/09/ask-the-cribline-should-i-sell-or-rent-my-place/) Great blog … but to be a bit of a contrarian, there’s little discussion of risk here [regarding renting a property]. So based on my experience as the son of a long-time landlord, and a […]