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Georgian Mansion in Spokane May Have Washington DC Twin

Georgian Mansion in Spokane May Have Washington DC Twin

Rounding out the Cribline Team’s Summer Travel Series in the Pacific Northwest, check out this stunning Spokane residence with significant architectural history located at 416 E Rockwood Blvd. Rumor has it, that the house has an exact replica somewhere in Washington DC. We are offering a hefty reward (dinner for two at a Michelin star restaurant in DC for first person who can locate the house). Read more details below!

The Cannon House, as listed in the Spokane & National Historic Registry, has been extensively remodeled with over $900,000 dollars invested since the early aughts. The additional improvements have retained the historic character and charm of the residence and include a new kitchen, newly finished carriage house apartment/office, wrap around driveway, new master bathroom, heating and cooling systems, and whole house audio. A heated driveway is being installed mid October 2018. This home is comfortable and functional as it is impressive and beautiful.

It’s just listed for $1,250,000. See how much this will cost per month in the Cribline math analysis below:

Cribline Math Analysis:

With 20 percent down on $1,250,000 of $250,000, the mortgage amount would be $1,000,000. At an estimated 4 percent interest rate fixed for 30 years the gross payment would be about $5,100 per month. If you were to rent out the basement and/or garage apartment for a grand total of $1,000 per month, that would reduce the gross payment to $4,100 per month. After tax deductions, the net payment would be about $3,100 per month.

Happy House Hunting in Spokane!

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