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About The Cribline

The Cribline provides valuable real estate information to up-and-coming, wealth-building Washingtonians. We provide guidance about how to become successful investors in real estate by helping individuals better understand how to break down the real estate math associated with buying a home.

I’m Eric Wohlschlegel, and for almost 20 years, I have been buying homes and helping many of my friends do the same.

unnamedI’m not a realtor, accountant, lawyer, contractor, mortgage broker or insurance agent — I simply love the real estate business. I’ve spent the last 20 years exploring this city and learning how to have my piece of it. This love of real estate has been good to me, and now I own six properties, including my residence on Capitol Hill, another row house on the Hill, a condo in Dupont Circle, a loft in Penn Quarter, and a vacation home in California.

Not only do I offer my perspective to those looking for tips and clues about navigating home-buying, refinancing, “landlording,” or ”tennating,” but I have also assembled a few folks I’ve gotten to know over the course of many years who I’ve worked with or who have helped me along the way. It is from this network that I launched The Cribline. We’re building a network of real estate experts, most of whom are professionals in the industry. They are The Cribline advisors.

They include:

  • A Mortgage Broker
  • A Real Estate Attorney
  • A Real Estate Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Realtors
  • A Contractor
  • An Accountant
  • An Inspector
  • An Insurance Agent

This team stands ready to take questions from fellow Washingtonians (or others), creating a two-way dialogue on residential real estate matters in the area. The goal is to be a constructive resource for those living and working in Washington, and to help this city thrive in the years ahead.

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